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  1. I happened to meet Dr. Patel when, about a year ago, I was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. Little did I know that in less than 6 months’ time, I would turn out to be a non-diabetic, with those perfect HbA1C reports.
    And the entire credit for this goes to the friendly, candid and frank approach of Dr. Patel during my consultations with him. It is because of his intelligent and careful guidance that I’m living a life with better understanding and heightened awareness of my body, today.
    In the real sense of the term, he is what his name is, Sushil, with his positive attitude, personal curiosity and a clear futuristic vision, he is endowed with all those virtues that make him a very good human being.
    I wish him all the good luck for his future endeavors.
    Madhu Kewlani
    Assistant Professor in English,
    The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda,

  2. It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience of having consultations with Dr. Sushil Patel. He comes across as a very pleasant personality, with a divine and soothing environment created in and around his clinic. Only a true and dedicated disciple of his Master can carry such an aura around him. One feels less a patient and more at ease in his presence. His simplicity and knowledge makes one feel almost on the path of recovery.
    I’ve been able, not only to maintain, but also manage my medical parameters very well, with his unstinting support and cool consultations. May he guide many more such people around him, with the same poise and motivation.
    May he have a very successful and contended life ahead.
    With Blessings.
    Shallu Sharma,
    Spiritual Head & President,
    Divine Care Foundation,

  3. Dear Dr Sushil Patel,

    It is a matter of great satisfaction and rejoice to place on the record my personal feelings of wellness and recovery from the loss of hope that my wife Mrs Kusum G Thanki, is rejuvenated from the silent effects of Diabetes, she was suffering from physical and psychological depression since last >10 years that she will miss all the happiness of the life, but it’s your brilliance and analytical skill could bring her to the normal.

    I had futile-experiments of prescriptions and even the suggestion to administer insulin, from various senior and well-known physicians to cure her diabetic ‘trauma‘ but due to your diabetic control treatment with visionary approach, human and decent way has made her in normal condition.

    I am of the opinion that one should approach a super specialist with unparalleled analytical skill, like yours, before it becomes a matter of no-return.

    God bless you by showering all the happiness on you and may you serve the sufferings to make them delighted and see the world of joy and positive life.

    Dr. G. H. Thanki

  4. In 1994 first time I check my blood sugar at Savli Government hospital and it was 200 mg/dl. To double confirm the result I check it again in Toparani lab and I got 205 mg/dl. From that day I have started medicine of Diabetes. And many up n downs were there in my sugar. And usually PP2BS was around 300 after taking medicine regularly.
    On 9th Dec-2015 I consult Dr Sushil Patel at Akshar Diabetes Centre. He did detailed physical examination. He started new medicines and amazing change I feel in my body. I feel so energetic. From that day my blood sugar is in control. For the first time in last 20 years, my blood sugars are in normal range. Before my HBA1C was alwaysmore than 8% and now it is 6.66%. I am very very happy to see this.
    Lastly I just want to say that “If I got this treatment from starting I would get more physical benefits.” Only Dr. Sushil Patel has given the true guidance for Diabetes. Now I understand WHAT DIABETES IS..!

  5. It’s a best of all diabetes center my dad has visited. Results were very fast and impressive. I will not go on numbers but that transformation was amazing…………

  6. This letter I am writing to the personal reference to the Dr. Sushil Patel. I am really thankful and express our gratitude to Dr. Sushil Patel the way he brought a positive thought towards life.
    I am residence of Manjalpur, Vadodara. I got married in January -2009 and we planned our first baby in 2012. As such I had a smooth and easygoing pregnancy until my baby shower ceremony. At my 7th month of pregnancy I detected with diabetes. It’s a very big challenge for us. Then after every day was passing like a challenge as I had very poor control on my sugar.
    We have changed so many doctors to control my sugar level. But doctors change insulin change but then also no control. its very horrible for me to tackle all hypoglycemic episodes and all. Still no one find out result why these much ups and down going on.
    Then one day some one refer me towards dr. Sushil. He has taken my detail case which never taken before by any doctor. He has done my all tests also. He is able to find out my real problem. That was hormonal changes. On that basis he has settle my insulin doses.
    For sometimes I feel better but again problem started. Again he has taken proper history. In the discussion he found that my insulin method was wrong, my food pattern with particular insulin was wrong.
    For the first time in my life he explained me detail about diabetes, about insulin teqniche, about food and exerices. And most important for me is that in a practical way.
    He gave me moral support also. He is very hardworking and enthusiastic doctor.
    Whenever I called him he gave me good response and good handling of case.
    He gave me courage that type 1 diabetes is not the big deal its only how you manage. I still remember his sentence about type 1 diabetes “I can do anything in the world except produce insulin.”
    And now I am doing very well. Most important thing is that we all thought that diabetes is very money minded disease but it’s very wrong concept. Dr sushil is managing my case the way that not much money I have to expense.
    We all were simply amazed. He is true angel of god for us in our life and we just cannot thank him simply in words. At a same time he is very kind and loving person. We wish him a lots of glory and success in his life.

    Dr. Ruchita Mehta and family.

  7. I am having diabetes since last 7 years. My blood sugar remained very high. But after medical care by Dr. Sushil Patel, it remains in control. Feeling much energetic and I do not feel mentally stressed now because of his constant motivation. Wishing Dr.Sushil Patel all the very best for new centre in Vadodara. I strongly recommend it for Diabetic people.

  8. I am diabetic since last 5 years. I am thankful to Dr Sushil Patel and his team for controlling my blood sugar. Because of his constant motivation and education programs, now I am confident to manage diabetes in more effective way. Not only my medicines are reduced, but I am feeling good also. I wish all the best to Dr Sushil Patel and team and pray to God for them to continue serve Diabetic people.

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